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Exercise in Pregnancy Excerpt

Storm Baynes-Ryan is an experienced Physiotherapist  with a Post Graduate Diploma in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, which includes Sports Physiotherapy and Manipulation. She practices in Gisborne and now has two children. She answers…

Eating for Healthy Conception- A Naturopaths View

Four months prior to conception is your time to get yourself in your best health ever – for women and men inclusive. This is going to have the most definitive…

Super Protein Drinks for Pregnancy

While it's recommended not to drink raw milk during pregnancy, I have heard many experts highly recommend raw milk for everyday healthy living. There is of course the risk of…

Yummy Dinner

Acouple of my favourite recipes: Organic chickpea patties with a super salad dressed with Ultim8 dressing. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="576"] Courgette Fritters with Haloumi & salad[/caption]   Organic Chickpea Patties…

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Happy Readers of "What to Avoid during Pregnancy for a Healthy Baby"

A real strength of this book is having the advice and experience of a wide range of health and wellness professionals working from a range of perspectives in one place… and the pregnancy exercises shown with clear photos were another highlight for me.

Emily, Mother & Designer

Excellent Guide for all aspects of Pregnancy….This book answered all of the questions & concerns I had during my pregnancy……

Abby Haverkamp, Mother of three

I’ve worked in the health industry for the last 10 years and even with my access to all information sources I have found the journey to keep in optimal health during pregnancy a challenge. I have been surprised at the limited general guidelines there are available for pregnant women, let alone comprehensive and detailed information to ensure the optimal health of your baby. This e-book fills this gap and is brimming with expert advice which is practical and easy to understand. “What To Avoid During Pregnancy For A Healthy Baby” is a book I highly recommend and see as a significant source of comprehensive and vital information on pregnancy.

Review 1 Julie, Julie Bhosale Nutritionist

About the Author

Anita van Doorn Anita van Doorn is a Registered Nurse and Mother of two living in New Zealand. She worked as a nurse in Auckland, then with an international nutrition company where she enjoyed learning about the wonders of the human body and its ability to heal itself. She became passionate about natural health but has what she calls “a realistic and balanced view of health in relation to pregnancy as well as prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of health challenges.” Raising her children in a small town on the Coromandel is a dream come true for Anita. She loves that they can grow up surrounded by nature and caring community.

Anita also provides therapeutic massage, reflexology, reiki, & aquarian healing at the Health Centre in Tairua. She uses these modalities to support women in the process of healing during 1-1.5 hour consultations. Do use the contact form to request a booking or for further information. Keep connected with us via the social media site buttons below for further information too.

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